Vero Beach Bucket List for Your Summer Vacations

April 6, 2021

If Vero Beach is on your bucket list for this summer vacation, then we have to congratulate you on making such a fine choice. From prescient beaches to award-winning golf courses, the best restaurants in Florida, to some of the most charming local boutiques, your vacation here will be one of the best you’ve had.

Before you plan your itinerary here, it is important to choose a hotel or inn that is central to most of the attractions here. It would make commuting easier and save you more time for enjoyment and exploration. Take the Vero Inn, for example. Located just ¼ miles east of I-95 off exit 147, this inn is mere minutes away from the beach outlets, the Vero Beach Regional Airport, and the Jackie Robinson Training center.

With a hotel close to some of the best attractions, you’d be exploring Vero Beach day and night during your stay here. With that said, let’s look at some of the top attractions for your summer tripping:

1. Explore the Blue Cypress Recreation Area from the Air

An Airboat tour is one of the best attractions of summer visits here. The largest osprey nesting site in all of the U.S is at Vero Beach. The best way to enjoy this is through an airboat ride. While on tour, you may be lucky enough to see the birds hunting for fish and perching high above the water in their gigantic nests.

However, if you’re wildlife crazy, then this is not the only treasure you’ll uncover here. During the tour, you can also look at frogs, turtles, lizards, snakes, and alligators that live here. All you need to do is don your summer hat, lather on a lot of sunscreens, hop onto the airboat, get your camera ready and enjoy one of the most thrilling rides of your life.

The diverse ecosystem of Florida will not disappoint you.

2. McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach

Do you simply adore the tropical and native plants? Then add a trip to the southern gateway of Vero Beach to your list. The McKee Botanical Garden promises acres of tropical botanicals and native plants. Each natural beauty here will unfold as you make your way through pathways into groves of regal palms.

You will find unparalleled tranquility here in the profusion of waterlilies and magnificent steam. The breathtaking waterfalls, unique trees, and other treasures will enchant you with their stories, and you will find the garden itself a source of tremendous cultural enrichment.

3. Sea Turtle Nesting Tour During Your Summer Vacation

If you visit Vero Beach in the summers, you absolutely need to add something to your list: the Sea Turtle nesting tour. Nesting seasons last from 1st of March till 31st of October here, so summers are ideal for watching the beauties hatch and nest.

The prime locations for this magnificent sighting are Sebastian shores and Vero Beach as well. The Indian River County has a magic of its known, perhaps a reason why you’ll find some of the best conservation efforts and quiet beaches here.

This River has created the best habitat in the world for turtles, and you sure don’t want to miss the special turtle walks as well here.

4. Environmental Learning Center

Your summer vacation is never complete without canoe rides. So if you’re looking for the best family activities to add to your list while in Florida, we recommend the Environmental Learning Center at Vero Beach.

This preserve is worth 64 acres, and you will love the elevated wooden boardwalks that stretch for one and a half miles. You can indulge in multiple fun activities at the beautiful vistas and peaceful lagoon here.

If that is not enough, you will surely enjoy the Interactive Museum too. It has aquariums featuring 145-gallon touch tanks, picnic facilities, hands-on exhibits, a visitor’s center, a butterfly-attracting garden, and an eco-friendly gifts shop.

5. Seaplane Tour

Vero Beach coastline is undoubtedly magnificent, and there can be no better way than soaking in the breathtaking beauty from the air. While you’re holidaying here, do remember to book a low-level seaplane flight.

It will take you right over the Indian River Lagoon from the Sebastian Inlet and show you the Northern Hemisphere’s fascinating bio-diverse lagoon ecosystem. Is there any other place you can name that provides you the thrilling experience of standing on the water and admiring the magnificent wildlife? Surely not!

6. Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

For the most wonderful day trips during your stay here, add The Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge to your list. With miles and miles of glorious sandy beaches, you will find tons of natural treasure to explore and enjoy here.

The undisturbed environment of the beaches is essential for allowing turtles to reproduce successfully. This makes the beaches a great learning and exploration opportunity on your stay. You can learn all about the impressive ecosystem of the barrier island and even enjoy some surf fishing.

You can even participate in the sea turtle watch programs if you reach there in good time.

7. Walking Tree Brewery

How can you ever have a grand vacation without a glass of chilled beer? Florida is the proud winner of two awards since 2017 for winning the most prestigious and professional beer-making competition. The Walking Tree helped win these awards and is, therefore, a must-visit spot for all visitors.

This brewery offers a tasting room where it proudly features ten to fourteen brews on tap.

You can even enjoy their signature kettle along with lime cheddar, cookies and cream, sea salt caramel, and dill pickle popcorns. Also, you will love participating in the brewtastic yoga and painting classes here too.

Final Thoughts

Vero Beach has some of the finest summer vacations for visitors of all ages. From the best botanical gardens to sea turtle beaches, wildlife refuge to the Wine and Film Festival, there are tons of fun experiences and more that you can have here. So get planning and book a room today.

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