Valentine’s Day: How To Have An Instagram Worthy Weekend

February 7, 2021

Valentine’s day is a special day when even couples who scoff at romance crave the magic of sunsets and beaches. The year 2021 demands a greater celebration of love, considering what a tumultuous journey the last year has been.

With this auspicious occasion just around the corner, we know you’re scouring the internet for the perfect destination to surprise your significant other. Hence, we took the task upon ourselves and rounded up some of the coolest ideas you will find for a day trip at the gorgeous Vero Beach, FL.

We know Valentine’s Day and Instagram go hand in hand. Besides, what good will all your careful planning and arrangements be if your special girl cannot flaunt the to-die-for pics on her Insta handle? We’re not robbing her of joy for sure, and we know you don’t want to either.

Here, we will round up the most fabulous ideas to make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one for you two. All of this with the magic of Vero Beach.

Without any further ado, let’s begin:

1. Sail Moonraker

We’re talking about romantic day trips here, and we think there can be nothing better than the forty feet Luxury Sailing Catamaran, Moonraker. It is the ideal option if you want to treat your special one to a day that’s full of romance, scenic tours, lunch, swimming, and partying on the cruise.

Besides, how can she not fall even more madly in love with you when you enfold her in your arms and watch the gorgeous sunset from a cruise on the Atlantic Ocean? She’s sure to swoon with delight at your feet.

2. Romantic Dinner at the Ocean Grill

Can any Valentine’s Day be complete without a romantic dinner in red? Here we have the Ocean Grill at Vero Beach, FL, for you. It is the ideal venue for a romantic, candlelight dinner to celebrate your love as the restaurant perches precariously over the Atlantic Ocean.

With the gorgeous view of the ocean ahead and the magic of starry sky above you, perhaps you’d like to go down on one knee and propose your undying love to your special one. Plus, what better way to complete the magic with a plate of some of the most delicious foods of the world before you?

3. Some Theatre Magic – Riverside Theatre

Not all romance can be found in restaurants and dance floors; some of it also exists at theatres. This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one a night to remember at the Riverside Theatre. This is a regionally producing, non-profit theatre affiliated with Actor’s Equity Association and many others.

Treat your special one to a time of music, dance, and some special screen time to add to the magic of the beautiful day. It might just be the treat he had been waiting for from you. The high production values, the off-Broadway and Broadway productions will be the perfect exhilarating gift for your theatre-crazy partner this year, we promise.

Besides, the theatre itself I a gorgeous venue to click some of the most romantic pics as a couple for Valentine’s. We guarantee you will sway hearts with your lovey-dovey hugs captures on Instagram.

4. Valentine’s Day in Vero Beach

The beach itself oozes gorgeousness, charm, and so much natural beauty. You wouldn’t need to do anything extra to make your Valentine’s Day pics come out extra special and romantic for the newsfeeds.

All you have to do is pack his/her favorite lunch, grab a bouquet and a bottle of wine, and head to Vero Beach for the most love-filled day ever. The beach will smell sweeter with all that love in the air.

5. McKee Botanical Garden

If nature warms your loved one’s heart, then here we have the ideal destination to celebrate your love among the glorious sights and perfumes of nature. McKee Botanical Garden is every nature lover’s dream come true. Its 18-acre subtropical jungle hammock and a striking array of plants just perfect for horticultural growing.

You can let the magic of nature envelop you and your loved one as you celebrate your special day among the diverse and dense collection this spot features. Stroll through the magnificent gardens hand in hand, and take dozens of fabulous pictures against nature’s incredible backdrop.

6. Vero Beach Inn and Suites For Valentine’s Day

No matter how age-old, nothing can beat the tons of magic and favor Jacuzzis, and spas add to your romance. This year, head over to Vero Beach Inn and Suites and treat yourself and your special one to a day of signature massages, manicures, pedicure, Jacuzzi time, and lots more.

As you rejuvenate, relax and luxuriate as a couple, you will experience your hungry ardor mounting even more for each other. You can thank us later for a day of unforgettable passion!

7. The Tides

If you haven’t been to The Tides already at Vero Beach. You are missing out on one of the most incredible culinary experience with your loved one. This Valentine’s day, grab the perfect opportunity to tantalize your taste buds and your senses with the best food you have ever tasted at this fancy restaurant in Vero.

From their oyster special to crab cakes and potato crusted grouper, you will not regret celebrating your love at this incredible restaurant. They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, and if you’re intent on winning his heart forever this Valentine’s, you know where to take him.

8. Di Mare

Discover the hidden gem that is Di Mare at Vero Beach this Valentine’s Day with your partner. Trust the excellent chefs here to make your night special with your special. From their delicious food to their excellent hospitality.

The homemade dishes here are made with extreme passion and right from scratch, and we believe there could be nothing more befitting to celebrate your love with their food. Make your better half feel pampered, cherished, and special here with customized food as per your preferences.

Live your food dream with your loved one at this culinary delight in Vero Beach.

9. Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area

If you and your partners just love the outdoors, then celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the best location possible at Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. Pack a hearty, delicious, and romantic picnic for two and head over to the great Vero outdoors.
You can choose from a variety of places here but take your time exploring, sneak off to private spots along the way for cuddly moments and cute pictures. You might come upon several unique plants and animals that will hold your fancy here. But perhaps they’d make great captures for memorable pics.

Besides, this tropical hammock is a bird lover’s dream come true. Whether you move your eyes towards the water or to the sky, you’ll find species upon species of birds to admire . Even better than mangroves.

As you stroll hand in hand through the conservation area, you will come upon wild coffee plants and ferns larger than you have ever seen. The remote trails will add just the right touch of adventure and privacy for your love filled-moments on the trip.

Final Thoughts on a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Vero Beach houses wonder untold and some so romantic, you’ll regret not discovering them before. From some of the most luxurious Inns and suites to some of the most exquisite outdoors spots and restaurants. You can find dozens of places to celebrate your love this Valentine’s day in the most befitting way possible.

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